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abstract paintings - Michele Ward


About the Artist

bright acrylic abstract painting
standard canvas wrap


If you really want to learn about my background, scroll down to the bottom of the page. I'd rather talk about you. Need some beautiful new paintings to brighten your space and make you smile? You've come to the right place.



Browse through the gallery to get a feel for my work, or go straight to the store (coming soon) and see what is currently available. Like what you see, but want something made just for you? Commission a painting, or get a quote.

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I've been creating art for many years in many forms. Regardless of medium, one consistent theme is color. Lots and lots of vibrant color. Color makes me a happy artist.   

Combining acrylics with a pouring medium changes the viscosity of the paint, allowing me to use a variety of techniques to get the paint onto the canvas in new and sometimes unexpected ways. 

Spending time with family and friends, researching family genealogy, camping, bicycling, and hiking all get me out of the studio and help me recharge. As does the occasional Netflix binge.